Weekly Radar #254 - Pulling the IDX Plug, Closing ZG's Closing Shop, One Less Peer ...

Weekly Radar #254 - Pulling the IDX Plug, Closing ZG's Closing Shop,  One Less Peer ...


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Image created by: Jasper.ai
Description: a single giant office building with only one office lit up, during the day



By: Drew Meyers

In 2012, Jim Abbott from ARG Abbot Realty Group decided to "stop syndicating listings to third-party websites — including Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com."  He took to Youtube to share his reasoning...

That followed Edina Realty's decision in late 2011.

I really thought the anti-show listings to the widest possible pool of buyers train left the station a decade ago. We're going backward in time, as another broker is going against syndication: Howard Hanna is leaving IDX and migrating to a VOW. Like Abbot, Hoby Hanna took to Youtube to explain...