GEM Diamond Events

Gatherings for Industry Leaders

Our exclusive events are where proptech's best connect and converse

One of the key features of GEM Diamond Membership is the opportunity to connect with fellow innovators through our exclusive, invite-only events, held both in-person and virtually.

You're likely already know your peers. But chances are good, you don't know the C-level of adjacent proptech sectors. That's why our events aim to broaden your network beyond the usual—connecting you with leaders and innovators across various sectors and stages of development. Dive into a world of new perspectives and opportunities, and engage with minds that challenge and complement your own.

Upcoming Events

  • May 29th- Seattle, WA
      • Seattle Proptech Co-Working Day + GEM Soirée
  • June 6th- Denver, CO
    • Innovators Roundtable Dinner at Housing Invitation Summit
  • August 29th- Chicago, IL
    • Innovators Roundtable Dinner at iOi
  • September 17th- Las Vegas, NV
    • GEM Community Dinner at Blueprint -> Our biggest event ever!
  • October 8th - Austin, TX
    • Innovators Roundtable Dinner at Inman Austin Connect
  • November 9th- Boston, MA
    • Innovator's Roundtable Dinner at NAR NXT

We're constantly adding events to our calendar.

We also partner with the most prominent industry conferences to provide exclusive deals for GEM Crystal Readers. Discount Codes for paid subscribers found at the bottom of this page.


These events take place across the country, offering convenient opportunities for you to join us wherever you are. Each gathering is curated for optimal networking, free from distractions, allowing you to fully engage and connect with other forward-thinking professionals in meaningful ways. All events are meticulously organized and billed at cost, ensuring accessibility without compromising quality.


Evenings to mingle and celebrate the industry's progress with real estate tech founders, execs, VCs, and practitioners. Alcohol and hors d'oeuvres are provided.

Who it's for: All GEM Diamond members as well as guests interested in learning more about who we are and what we do.

Expected attendees: 20-45

VIP Dinners 

Intimate, invite-only dinners to mingle and discuss proptech innovation. There is no "agenda" other than high quality networking.

Our NYC versions (2x per year) are in partnership with Resident and include a five-course Michelin-star tasting menu with wine pairing + welcome sparkling cocktail.

Who it's for: Founders and VCs.
Expected attendees: 14-24

Innovators Roundtable Dinners

 A gathering of members and guests for a group dinner. There is no "agenda" other than high quality networking. Attendance is limited.

Who it's for: These often occur at the same time as national proptech conventions; any and all attending GEM Diamond members to those conventions are welcome to join.
Expected attendees: 12-18

Proptech Happy Hours 

Often hosted in GEM-hub cities and near industry conferences around the country (and the world), these are chances to connect in a casual setting.

Who it's for: Any and all are welcome who enjoy a cold beverage and good company.
Expected attendees: 10-100


Our walks allow members to get a little bit of blood flowing and talk shop.

Who it's for: All GEM Diamond members.
Expected attendees: 2-8

Virtual Events

While we love to meet in person, we understand that may not always be possible with everyone's schedules. Here are our virtual events that members can also benefit from:

Peer Practice Pitches

Our peer practice pitches are a great way to pitch your company or product without the pressure. Hosted monthly, this event allows our members to deliver practice pitches and gather feedback from the amazing entrepreneurs in the GEM Diamond.

Who it's for: Founders interested in receiving concentrated feedback from market participants and innovators.

*Take the hot seat by reaching out to our Community email to set up a time for discussion

Fundraising Office Hours

A discussion among peers and those that have raised before about fundraising strategies at the pre-seed/seed to Series A level and the obstacles you might face. This is not a webinar. Come with specific investor objections, scenarios, and questions ready.

Who it's for:  Founders actively raising, those that have raised in the past, or VCs/angels.

Proptech Networking Roulettes

You will be randomly paired with other GEM Diamond members for one-on-one conversations.

Who it's for: Anyone interested in making new connections or learning more about what’s going on in your own community.

Topical Workgroups/Discussions

Join our workgroup discussions covering a hot topic or pressing issue in the real estate and built world. These are discussions, not webinars, and are limited to 20 participants to allow each attendee to contribute to the conversation.

Who it's for: For GEM Diamond members + personally invited guests.

If you're interested in accessing our full events calendar and the ability to rub shoulders with proptech elite, please apply to become a Diamond member.

Conference Codes

We partner with the best proptech conferences to provide exclusive codes for our paying GEM Crystal Readers.


-Blueprint 2024 - $300 off (Las Vegas, Sept 17th-19th)