We're Not Reporters

By: Drew Meyers

When I get pitches from PR pros and founders, it’s often under the pretense that I’m a journalist and my job is to write about their company.

They haven’t done their research. If they had, they’d understand I’m not a reporter and have no plans to ever become one. I’m just a geek who loves real estate, and have zero desire to add to the endless noise (which is worse in 2017 than it was in 2013 when I wrote the post). Keep in mind, Geek Estate doesn’t make more money when we publish more content. We hear from readers constantly the reason they love this blog is precisely because we don’t write about every product launch/update and every piece of industry news that gets sent our way.

If you are a startup/vendor and want coverage here on Geek Estate, figure out a way to be innovative. Stand out. Be different. Don’t re-create the wheel. Complete a founder interview. Be bold. Peak my personal curiosity. Prove you’re building defensibility. Relate your product to what I care about (travel, community, microfinance, etc). Know my passion lies in consumer products.

Or, become a member of the Diamond Tier of the Geek Estate MastermindWith a mission to attract the 1,500 most forward-thinking, and diverse, innovators, we’re looking for the best and brightest in all the land...

Whatever you do, do not expect sending a canned press release to result in coverage.