Weekly Radar #306: Is Now The Time For Cutting Out The Agent?, Bidding For Listings, World Climate War II

Weekly Radar #306: Is Now The Time For Cutting Out The Agent?, Bidding For Listings, World Climate War II
Image generator: DALL-E Prompt: image showing a request for proposal submitted by four different real estate agents

In this Weekly Radar, we cover:

  • Companies like 280 Earth and Neustark, which raised $69 million for carbon mineralization, innovate in decarbonization, but their existence may conflict with the goal of completely eliminating carbon emissions.
  • In a rough time for startup funding, peer practice pitches would be a great way to gear up for the re-opening of VC's time/calender at the end of summer.
  • Modern Realty aims to eliminate traditional agents with software that cuts transaction fees to 0.3% but past failures highlight a significant challenge of making it profitable.
  • Despite potential merits, Redy's marketplace where agents pay to represent sellers model faces criticism for attracting difficult, price-conscious sellers that may not be a broad solution since it depends on sellers understanding the importance of thorough vetting.
  • The GEM Proptech Index had a combined market cap of $233.652B, a 0.12% decrease from the previous week. 

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Transmission Recap:
This week, Tim Dain posits that now is the time to bring a comprehensive API library to the forefront of the residential real estate industry. Before that, Drew Meyers detailed how value aggregation playing out in the evolving brokerage landscape, and provide a few ideas for revenue tech leaders to use the strategy in their GTM efforts.