What is the difference between GEM Diamond and GEM Crystal?

GEM Crystal is the starting tier of GEM, delivering a portion of our business intelligence, innovation thinking. All highly curated. Subscribers will receive six emails per month regularly, and a mix of others thrown in such as the Quarterly Earnings Radar.

GEM Diamond is everything in Crystal tier, plus access to curated events, the proptech roulette networking series, over 250 long-form essays from the archives, and a private forum.


What's the Value?

Geek Estate takes a different approach: we're not a media company. We don’t accept sponsorships, ads, or paid posts. We will never give ourselves an incentive to publish more content simply to get more page views and clicks. There's no ulterior editorial motive driven by some other entity funding our staff. All articles posted are thorough with a focus on providing actionable insights in an objective lens. 

We prefer to serve those who value it enough to pay for it. Subscriptions from people like you are the only revenue that we generate.

I’m interested in a group subscription for my company. Do you offer group discounts?

Yes! Please email Ben @Geekestate.com for more information

I want to cancel my subscription?

Billing is delayed 21 days after signing up, and you will not be charged if you cancel your subscription in that window if the content does not meet your expectations (let's hope that's not the case).

At any time, you can cancel through your online profile (use the same email that you signed up for).

Other than that, if you have a question/issue, please reach out to our support team -- we'll be happy to close out your subscription and offer refunds on a case-by-case basis.


I'm a founder, key stakeholder, or other executive and want to get more involved. What can I do?

Apply to GEM Diamond for all of the benefits listed above, as well as a dedicated private community forum with even more essays and in-depth business intelligence. In-person curated gatherings are the core of the experience, taking place alongside industry gatherings (Blueprint, CREtech, IBS, iOi, Inman, etc) across the globe as well as in local markets. Membership to GEM Diamond is for executives (think C-Suite) and other practitioners. Membership is capped at 1500 (600+ current members).

Apply for membership here

I'm a PR person and want to contribute a piece of content?

We're all for news, It's not that we don't like PR people pitching us, but we find the vast majority of PR pitches are cookie-cutter and not-personalized. We get countless email pitches a week for placement articles. They all look the same and few are targeted. Nothing against PR people, just staying true to Geek Estate's mantra: If the news/announcement is objective, actionable, not clickbait, and contains signal, drop us a line.

Keep in mind, Geek Estate doesn’t make more money when we publish more content. We hear from readers constantly the reason they love our newsletters precisely because we don’t write about every product launch/update and every piece of industry news that gets sent our way.

PS: Geek Estate Blog is operated as a member benefit for GEM Diamond, and any member is welcome to guest post there once per quarter for thought leadership.

How can I contribute an article? 

Only members of the Geek Estate Team and GEM Diamond Members can create entries for our radars and transmissions. All entries are heavily vetted to ensure pieces are objective before posting. Please consider joining the GEM Diamond (above) if you are interested.

In a few weeks, we will kick off our Fall Founder Interview Series. If you would like to be featured in a Founder Interview, you must be a subscriber to the GEM Crystal or GEM Diamond.

What's the deal with the Geek Estate Blog?

Launched in 2007, the Geek Estate Blog is now operated as a member benefit for GEM Diamond. Diamond members can guest post on the blog to help establish themselves as thought leaders in the proptech space. (2000 monthly readers as of 8/4/2023)


About Geek Estate and our Founder, Drew Meyers

Founded by Drew Meyers in 2007, Geek Estate’s Guiding Principle has always been

“By operator, for operator.”

Drew was an early employee at Zillow, and has been covering proptech for over 15 years. Learn about the full history of Geek Estate and Meyers’ story.

Have a different question?

Send us an email (Ben @GeekEstate.com) and we’ll get back to you!