GenAI Rails Rule the Roost (Transmission #297)

GenAI Rails Rule the Roost (Transmission #297)
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[Adapted from a post on Linkedin.]

There's a big misconception going on in Consumer GenAI right now.

Many AI experts have predicted that ChatGPT, Gemini, and others will operate comparable to the way we use the App & Play stores on our mobile phones. I think they're wrong.

The argument goes like this: You’ll add GPTs or plugins like you download apps, then you’ll chat with the GPT to tailor your experience—e.g. "Find me a two-bedroom apartment in Chicago near a Whole Foods," or "Find me a flight to NYC on Monday morning for under $300."

This would be analogous to the way you engage with any app on your phone today—you back out of it to the core platform OS when finished.

In fact, this is also how we built our first Zumper product on ChatGPT (covered in a GEM work session). You add the Zumper GPT from the "Explore GPTs" tab and then engage with it for your rental search. It's a great experience, especially for longer-tail queries.

A conversation with a forward-thinking client made me realize this is just the awkward middle step. This analogy won’t hold up in the long term.

Today, it makes sense to add apps on your iPhone or Android, as the core platform OS isn't a search interface itself. It's simply a menu and triage screen.

Search within GenAI will be different: It will become a one-page interface. It will entirely cut out the middleman of "GPTs" or "apps."

However, this awkward teenage phase is essential. The API integrations marketplaces that Zumper has worked on with GenAI companies today will be the backbone of this future, because the one-page search experiences will need real-time data feeds.

So the output won't be talking to individual GPTs; that feels too cumbersome.

The output will be the surfacing of the search results in the core experience—your core ChatGPT home tab or in Google’s SGE itself.

GPTs or plugins will be skipped entirely, but the rails we all used to build them will remain in place.

AI apps and GPTs are not the end game, but these are the stagger-steps necessary to get there.