Weekly Radar #281 - Clearing the Way, Hedging Against Hedges, & A Tech City For Me But Not Thee?

Weekly Radar #281 - Clearing the Way, Hedging Against Hedges, & A Tech City For Me But Not Thee?

Here's what we're covering in this week's Radar:

  • Identification verification company CLEAR partnered with Landing, a membership-based flex rental company.
  • Legislators are looking to restrict hedge funds and corporates from owning single family residential homes, but will the bills pass?
  • Let's hope that Zimbabwe's new cyber city, Zim Cyber City, doesn't fall to the same shortcomings of other proposed utopias.

Last week, Drew Meyers and other GEM Diamond members share thoughts on what's coming in 2024. Before that, Duke Long explored what happens when tenant demand to be paid to occupy office space. 

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CLEARing the Way

By: Ben Godfrey

Known for its airport locations, CLEAR is expanding to new markets such as LinkedIn and sports stadiums around the US. Landing, a membership-based flex living operator, announced a partnership with CLEAR that is expected to provide a more streamlined and secure experience for Landing's guests.

By incorporating CLEAR's technology, Landing seeks to improve the efficiency and reliability of tenant screening and access control. Business travelers with booking fully furnished apartments instead of hotels are likely already in the CLEAR system. This partnership is a win-win-win-win; Landing, tenants, landlords, and CLEAR. Except for those that are privacy savvy and concerned about the storage of biometric data. Does 1984 ring a bell?

Looking down the road, CLEAR stands to make inroads with access control companies like Latch, Tapplock, and Rently to provide authorized access for tenants, residents, and guests.

Hedging Against Hedges

By: Drew Meyers