Weekly Radar #260 - Wear Green To Your Next Job Interview & Walking to a Friendly Face

Weekly Radar #260 - Wear Green To Your Next Job Interview & Walking to a Friendly Face


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In the latest transmission, Stephen Del Percio explores vertical farming and the existential crisis the category is in. Before that, Drew Meyers posited that transparency just might be the trick to unlocking the answer to the eternal question, where is the rocket fuel required to build a profitable business going to come from?



By: Community Relations

Second quarter results are in for proptech’s public companies.

Our last summary of results was Q2 2021. As part of launching Crystal, we’re bringing the earnings radar back. This time, better than ever as an ongoing Biz Intel Series. We’re re-starting with the ten companies we deem as the most important players in the broader category. However, it’s likely we’ll add companies to the list in future editions—if there’s one you’d like to see covered, let us know.

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By: Logan Nagel

The construction skills gap is real, but did you know the US is also facing a major “green skills” shortage? The Wall Street Journal analyzed LinkedIn profiles that listed green skills, such as hydrogen engineering or carbon accounting. They found that the number of professionals with these skills grew only 8.4% in 2022 despite a 20% rise in job postings seeking these competencies.