Weekly Radar #287 - The Next Wellness Frontline Is In The Air , DOJ Weighs In, Realizing The Family Discount

Weekly Radar #287 - The Next Wellness Frontline Is In The Air , DOJ Weighs In, Realizing The Family Discount
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What's covered in this week's GEM Crystal Weekly Radar:

  • How does air quality affect homebuyer purchasing considerations?
  • Buyer agents may see significantly higher competition for clients. Drew takes a fresh look at the most recent DOJ's stance and what it means.
  • Drew covers the importance of optimizing existing space for affordability - applauding government action to enable it.
  • Updated stock prices for GEM's Proptech Index and GEM Diamond Member News.

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Transmission Recap:

In our last Transmission, Drew delved into the Rabbit's 'r1', a compact AI device, as a glimpse into the future of blended hardware and AI...or perhaps just another fad the smart phone makes irrelevant. Before that, Drew discussed leveraging custom GPTs trained with sector-specific information to provide real-time knowledgable software evaluations.


By: Logan Nagel 

Coinciding with Redfin’s addition of air quality data to listings, the company released a report showing that from 2021 to 2022, 1.2 million people moved out of metro areas at high risk of poor air quality, around twice as many as did so the year prior. Meanwhile, the data shows that people are flocking to cities with lower air quality risk. Correlation isn’t causation, though; the metro areas seeing departures skew towards California, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho—states with longstanding affordability problems. 

It doesn’t take a mass exodus to see that air quality could lead to property purchase considerations from homebuyers. Having that data on a property listing gives another distinction point for people browsing Redfin’s listings. If you’re on the fence between two similar properties in otherwise equally nice areas, why wouldn’t you pick the one with the better air quality score? The heightening profile of air quality awareness also represents an opportunity for air purification companies like enVerid, which help buildings decrease HVAC-borne contaminants. Even more out of left field: outdoor air purifiers like Verto, which has been sucking up pollutants in a prototype in India. If it means a better quality of life and more marketable assets, whether for sale or lease, count on buyers and landlords alike buying in. 

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