Hardware is the Missing Piece to Cracking Bloomberg (Transmission #280)

Hardware is the Missing Piece to Cracking Bloomberg (Transmission #280)
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AI assistants are already a reality across several real estate sectors. While some still wonder if AI is coming for their jobs, companies like Gabbi AIRoofRechatJust CallEliseAIClozeylopa, as well as GEM’s own Productive.aiScout, and Eden Homes are tackling tasks both mundane and novel. 

Most are designed to supercharge a realtor’s ability to service clients. The big picture is an all-knowing assistant that understands market trends, comprehensive listing inventory, can schedule/book showings, send emails, write listing description drafts, and more. A tireless, always-available virtual assistant in your pocket.

But, what if hardware is the missing piece to actually pulling it off?

Rabbit recently announced its AI-powered hardware device, the "r1." This pocket companion’s personalized operating system is a language learning interface designed to complete complex actions on command. You push to talk, listen to or watch the answer, and can even input real-time information through a 360° camera.

Watch the keynote:

Think of it as a next-generation walkie-talkie. Feel free to pre-order for $199 if you’re intrigued.

Like Adrien Book says, it’s hard to know if this is genius or the most overhyped product in the world. After all, the entire business is one button to Microsoft, and, in theory, the experience could be delivered inside of a single app by a wide wide variety of players.

Do we all really need another piece of hardware to carry around in addition to our powerful smartphones? That’s, of course, the elephant in the room.

All that said, does the r1 offer a tantalizing glimpse into the future? Yes. As does ❇️Vision Pro❇️, with capabilities for 10x’ing (or even 100x’ing) a showing/touring experience that ❇️lacks digital visualization❇️. It could highlight interesting features, appliances in need of updating, and even pinpoint red flags. View data overlays, what's nearby, change the color, decor, etc of a room that you're looking at, and even see seasonal views (ie, views of the lake are much better in the winter).