Weekly Radar #288: The SaaS Carbon Grass Is Greener, Lender or Portal

Weekly Radar #288: The SaaS Carbon Grass Is Greener, Lender or Portal
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What's covered in this week's GEM Crystal Weekly Radar:

  • BlueLayer raised a $10M seed round to build a product supporting carbon developers.
  • Drew Meyers covers Tomo, a new entrant into the home search portal space. Will the way it uses AI differentiate it enough from other competitors already in-market?
  • The GEM Proptech Index ended the week with a combined market cap of $193.279B, a .74% increase from the previous week.

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Transmission Recap:

In our last Transmission, Drew delved into the long and short of Zillbnb - what Zillow's announcement means for the future of short and long-term rentals. Before that, Drew discussed the Rabbit's 'r1', a compact AI device, as a glimpse into the future of blended hardware and AI...or perhaps just another fad the smart phone makes irrelevant.


By: Logan Nagel

As building sustainability regulations take effect around the world, on-site carbon reductions are one effective way to slow climate change. Fresh off a $10 million seed round, German Startup BlueLayer is offering a software layer to support carbon developers engaged in reforestation, habitat restoration, and similar projects. The SaaS platform connects to carbon registries and rating agencies, offers project management integrations, and includes carbon pricing intelligence. 

Tools that do similar things for property owners are a dime a dozen, but the voluntary carbon offset market, already worth billions and predicted by Morgan Stanley to hit $250 billion by 2050, is comparatively fertile ground. PropTech firms looking for less turbulent growth markets should view the carbon development world, where projects look like restoration and reforestation as opposed to building structures, as a massive expansion opportunity. The Juniper Squares, NorthSpyres, and Procores of the world already help teams with funding, staffing, and planning. Since each of those verticals is experiencing ferocious competition, perhaps smaller yet ambitious firms in these crowded niches should consider entering the carbon offset market instead of only serving real estate firms. 

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