Weekly Radar #290: An Unlikely Cooperation, Binging a Comeback, Gold N Green?

Weekly Radar #290: An Unlikely Cooperation, Binging a Comeback, Gold N Green?
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What's covered in this week's GEM Crystal Weekly Radar:

  • Realtor.com and Zillow have agreed to a partnership - an unlikely agreement between two arch rivals.
  • We cover Microsoft's return to online real estate with Bing Homes.
  • Which PropTech categories are investors most interested in? Logan peeks at the Year-End 2023 Global PropTech Confidence Index.

Geek Estate Blog Recap:

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Transmission Recap:

In our last Transmission, Drew delved into the long and short of Zillbnb - what Zillow's announcement means for the future of short and long-term rentals. Before that, Drew discussed the Rabbit's 'r1', a compact AI device, as a glimpse into the future of blended hardware and AI...or perhaps just another fad the smart phone makes irrelevant.


By: Drew Meyers 

Image generator: DALL-E Prompt: unlikely rivals joining forces

Portal arch rivals Realtor.com and Zillow agreed to a partnership: Zillow will "begin syndicating apartment listings to Realtor.com" as the "exclusive provider of multifamily rental listings" (25 units or more), according to Real Estate News. Zillow gets more eyeballs on its 39,000+ units of multifamily rentals, and Realtor.com receives additional inventory to display to its renters as well as financial upside (I presume, for units that end up sourcing tenants via the partnership).

You can bet, fending off a common foe -- Andy Florance and CoStar -- makes this deal make sense on one level. However, it does remind me a bit of the Zillow-YahooRE agreement from a decade ago, in which Yahoo agreed to allow Zillow to be the exclusive provider of all of its listings. I'd argue that deal was the beginning of the end for YahooRE (this is what YahooRE has become). Of course, the Realtor.com-Zillow deal doesn't involve the core of Realtor.com's single family, MLS-sourced inventory. But still. I'm not so sure it's a good sign that Realtor.com is (seemingly) be giving up on directly sourcing apartment listings.