GEM Crystal versus GEM Diamond

GEM Crystal versus GEM Diamond

Want to understand our content offerings? Wondering whether Crystal or Diamond is the appropriate offering? Read on…

Content Types

We publish three types of content for the GEM membership base: Radars, Transmissions, and Proptech Earnings summaries.

Radars: Curated links and analysis blended with out-of-the-box ideas about real estate, startups, and the built world. Includes feature stories (typically 2-4 each week), business intelligence briefings, the latest Geek Estate Blog posts, upcoming events, companies actively raising, and GEM Diamond Member News. Earnings summaries for individual companies are included in Radars on an ongoing basis and summarized each quarter in our Proptech Earnings Radar.


Transmissions: Long-form strategic analysis of high-level trends prioritizing divergent thinking and the obsessive probing of innovative ideas. Curated by a team of operators, our ideas, analysis, and thoughts are driven by years of industry experience and informed by a community of operators.


Proptech Earnings Radar: Executive snapshots of the financial performance of the most influential publicly traded companies.



Geek Estate offers two tiers of GEM membership:

Crystal ($20/mo or $180/yr): A paid newsletter offering a curated selection of industry developments, outside-the-box thinking, thought-provoking long-form essays, and a quarterly earnings radar to keep tabs on late stage players operating in the public markets.

Crystal members receive Radars with all feature articles as well as select business intelligence briefings, such as the Proptech Earnings Radar providing a digest of all earnings reports and summaries, and GEM Diamond Member News. Radars are delivered weekly on Mondays and Transmissions, if scheduled, are delivered every two weeks on Thursdays. The Proptech Earnings Radar is published once per quarter.

Who it’s for: Founders, venture investors, employees at proptech startups, real estate agents and brokers, real estate investors, educators, researchers, and general real estate tech enthusiasts.

Diamond ($179/qtr or $497/yr): A private, paid community of more than 600 founders, executives, VCs, and practitioners.

By application or referral only, GEM Diamond members receive Weekly Radars with all content, all Transmissions, additional business intelligence briefings, and unlock our Diamond members-only community. 

Our community, which is considered to be among the most prestigious communities in the industry, is invite-only to ensure the highest quality of conversations, analysis and member interactions. Think of it like Linkedin exclusively built for C-level execs working in proptech. It’s moderated, ad-free, and you’ll never receive spammy solicitations like you receive on a daily basis via Linkedin.

Diamond members also benefit from sharing relevant company updates via our GEM Diamond Member News section and from once-a-month publishing privileges on the Geek Estate Blog.

Diamond members also get priority access to 20+ dinners at major industry events, providing a path to networking with top industry leaders, executives, and venture capitalists. These dinners are in high demand and routinely sell out as soon as they are announced—many Diamond members note this perk as one of the best benefits of this exclusive tier.

For industry executives who desire to expand their outreach, relationships, and influence, GEM Diamond is an ideal fit. Schedule a call with Drew Meyers to learn more about joining.

Who it’s for: Founders, executives, VC partners, and tech-forward owner practitioners.

Questions? Shoot us a note at community at geekestate dot com.